Battle Cry Records was founded in 2004 by me as follow up label to Iron Glory records. I decided to

change the name to Battle Cry Records, since my business with selling CDs and records on conventions was already registered under Battle Cry records and I wanted to make clear that Battle Cry Records is my own company where I´m just releasing what I really want to. I´m still friends with my former label partners Jörg and Jens, but having a label with other people together means you have to accept some compromises regarding what to release. Since I like the typical 80ties Metal and Hard Rock myself, I will mainly focus on Re-Issues of old obscure albums and Demos from the 80ties to early 90ties. You will not find any modern sounding bands or Death and Black Metal on Battle Cry, since it´s just not what I´m listening to. You can find a massive colletion of Black and Death Metal CDs in our Onlineshop, since as a record dealer you can not only sell what you personally like, but on the label you will only find the traditional Metal Sound.

Some bands that I personally liked I took over from Iron Glory Records to Battle Cry like Manilla Road, Wind Wraith and Solitaire.

Most of the other titles are Reissues of the old German label GAMA records, who had great bands like Stormwitch, Tyrant, Necronomicon, Darkness, SDI, Vectom, Stranger, Gravestone, Noisehunter and other Reissues from lost 80ties Metal gems like Powersurge, Battle Bratt...

After a long break for over two years we did some classic Metal Reissues at the beginning of 2013, like Cold Steel, Bishop Steel, Briar, Hardline and Monolith.

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1 Battle Cry Releases:
3 Gunfire-Thunder of war *
4 Insane-Wait and prey
5 Stormwitch-Walpurgis night+Bonustracks
6 Stormwitch-Tales of terror+Bonus
7 Stormwitch-Stronger than heaven+Bonus
8 Stormwitch-The Beauty and the beast+Bonus
9 Stormwitch-Eye of the storm+Bonus
10 Manilla Road-Gates of fire
11 Darkness-Deathsquad+Bonus
12 Darkness-Defenders of justice+Bonus
13 Darkness-Conclusion & Revival+Bonus
14 Darkness-Live over Bocholt *
15 SDI-Satan´s Defloration Inc.
16 SDI-Sign of the wicked
17 SDI-Mistreated
18 Arctic Flame-Primeval agressor *
19 Battle Bratt-Same *
20 Battle Bratt-The Anthology *
21 Demons Seed-Dawn of a new world
22 Powersurge-The Aftermath
23 Powersurge-Eye of the storm
24 Solitaire-Invasion Metropolis *
25 Wind Wraith-Minions of Metal
26 Necronomicon-Same
27 Necronomicon-Apocalyptic Nightmare
28 Necronomicon-Escalation
29 Metal Law-Night of the wolf
30 Stikki Fykk-Sleazy we meow *
31 Tyrant-Mean machine
32 Tyrant-Running hot
33 Tyrant-Fight for youir life
34 Tyrant-Ruling the world
35 Vectom-Speed revolution/Rules of mystery
36 Stranger-Pretty Angels
37 Iron Kobra-Battlesword
38 Briar-Take on the world
39 Cold Steel-Freakboy
40 Monolith-Same
41 Bishop Steel-Die to live it
42 Bishop Steel-Killing asylum
43 Hardline-Same