STORMWITCH-Tales of terror

Release date 06.12.2004



Andy Mück alias Andy Aldrian (vocals)
Harald Spengler alias Lee Tarot (Lead Guitar)
Stefan Kauffmann alias Steve „Snake“ Merchant (Rhythm guitar)
Ronny Gleisberg alias Ronny Pearson (bass guitar)
Peter Langer alias Pete Lancer (Drums)

One year after their excellent debut album „Walpurgis night“, STORMWITCH re-entered the studio again, to record their second legendary masterpiece „Tales of Terror“ in 1985. Even improved melodies, absolutely great lyrics and the classic Witch sound make this album a must for any metal fan. Since „Tales of Terror“ was never released on CD so far, and the vinyl version is getting pretty hard to find, not every Metal Fan was able to enjoy killer tracks like "When the Bat Bites", "Night Stalker" or "Lost Legions". We felt it´s time for this to change, since it´s absolutely unbelievable how such a legendary work in Metal history has not been available on CD up to now. Finally every fan of 80ties Metal is able to enjoy „Tales of Terror“ in a remastered version with original cover artwork, liner notes, lyrics and completely unreleased live bonus tracks!!!

Artwork, lyrics and pictures on promo CD!!!

1. Point of no return
2. Hell´s still alive
3. Masque of the red death
4. Arabian nights
5. Sword of Saigon
6. Trust in the fire
7. Night stalker
8. Lost Legions
9. When the bat bites

Bonustracks (all recorded Live)

10. Arabian nights (Live in Heidenheim 1985
11. Bloodsucker
12. Evil Omen
13. White Saints in hell



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