Ashbury-Endless skies


We are very happy to be able to do the European pressing for this legendary album on CD now.

The re-issue will be strictly limited to 500 copies and contains fantastic epic 70ties Hard Rock.

This is for sure one of the most underrated Hard Rock albums of all time

and a must have for every fan of Full Moon, Winterhawk or early Manilla Road.

You can preorder your copy online now!!!


Morbid Jester-First audience


Morbid Jester - First Audience

Also for the first time available on CD will be the unreleased first Demo CD „First audience“ by MORBID JESTER. For many old school Metal fans this is the best material the band ever put out!!!

Black Triangle and Morbid Jester are released as a joint venture with Top X Music Metalizer Records.

You can preorder your copy online now.

Black Trial-Big Break


black trial big break


The band formerly known as Sleaze Kid releases now their first album under the new, more Metallic sounding name.

„Big Break“ contains high quality 80ties sounding Melodic Metal stuff!!!

You can preorder your copy online now.

can preorder 

your copy online now

Vortex-First bite of the bat

Vortex - First Bite of the Bats

Another essential release for every fan of Pure 80ties Heavy Metal is a CD containing exclusive unreleased stuff of the legendary Dutch Metal band VORTEX. Everybody into Dutch Heavy Metal in the vein of EMERALD and MARTYR can be happy to be able to hear long forgotten tracks of this Cult band for the first time.

You can preorder your copy online now.



Battle Cry Records 2014. We are very proud to get the permission to release that fantastic Irish metal band on CD and vinyl. This is definitely a real must for every 80ties Speed and Power Metal fan.

The CD contains the ultrarare 4 Track vinyl EP and alot of rare demo stuff.

Be prepared for more than 15 tracks of highest quality steel. Check the fantastic first recordings (more are included on our release) at

The release date is 25th april 2014 at the KEEP IT TRUE festival.

This CD is strictly limited to 500 copies and there will be no re-pressing.

We are 100% sure that this will be sold out very fast.

You can preorder your copy online now!!!