Gunfire-Thunder of War

Release Date: 29.11.2004


Original Lineup in 1984
Robert Drake (Roberto Borrelli) - Vocals
Lord Black Cat (Fabio Allegretto) - Guitars
Maury Lyon (Maurizio Leone) - Bass Guitar
Rob Gothar (Roberto Fanelli) - Drums

New Lineup:
Roberto 'Drake' Borrelli -Vocals
Fabio 'Lord Blackcat' Allegretto- Guitars
Maury Lyon - Bass guitar
New members:
Luca Calò - Guitars
Marco Bianchella - Drums

Gunfire is a traditional Italian Underground Cult-Metal band, that was born around 1984 and released shortly after that their first demo tape made on a 4 track-recording machine. They played several shows after that including the Heavy Metal festival of Gazoldo in 1984 together with Strana Officina, Alex Masi, Gow and Paul Chain. By that first demo tape, GUNFIRE surprisingly received many letters also from fans from the USA and CANADA. By the end of 1984 Gunfire re-entered the studio to record the song “FIRECULT” to be included on a compilation.

The band played a lot of gigs in Italy in 1985 and went into the studio again to record a 4-song EP simply called “GUNFIRE”. This EP has been elected in the Italian METAL HAMMER as one of the best metal vynils of all times.
Since GUNFIRE had to suffer under the lack of commercial hope at that time, the group recorded another full-length LP back then, but never released it and the master-tapes got destroyed a few years later.
But even 20 years later now, Gunfire´s music still sounds mighty and vital.
So in 2002, Gunfire decided to reunite, and to record an excellent demo-tape 'The fire still burns'. That tape was a new beginning for the Italian 80ties Metal heroes and the band was invited to play the first Keep it True-festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germay.
Now in 2004 finally the first full-length album called 'THUNDER OF WAR' will see the light of day, containing besides 10 new 80ties Metal masterpieces also the 4 songs from the first EP 'Gunfire' as bonus tracks.
Artwork, lyrics and pictures on CD!!!

The King's Amulet
A vision in starlight
Thunder of war
The fight for the truth
I shall return
Sailing through the gates of the world
Livin' in sin
Heavens of mars
Twilight for the gods

Bonus Tracks:
Hard steel
Thunder of war
Wings of Death