Insane - Wait and pray

Release date: End of January 2005


Daniele Montironi
Matteo Montironi
Luca Perozzi
Michele Santinelli

The story of INSANE begins in late 2002, when Dan Montironi (bass, vocals) Luke Perozzi (lead and rhythm guitar) and Matt Montironi (drums), decided, after being together in other local metal bands, to write their own songs.
In April 2003 the band recorded a raw and brutal 3-songs demo called just “Fucking Demo” and the track “Death By Command” was included on the “Metal Crusade Vol.VIII” compilation of the German “Heavy Oder Was!?” magazine. The band plays excellent 80ties Thrash-Metal heavily influenced by old SLAYER albums. After hearing these killer-tunes BATTLE CRY decided to sign the band immediately.
In July 2004 INSANE flew to Vancouver, Canada, to record their first full-length album entitled “Wait And Pray”. The album contains and Thrash-Metal tracks, that will crush your brains! Every fan of old 80ties Thrash will definitely love this album!!! 100% guaranteed!!!

1. Total alarm
2. Sacrificer
3. Four magicians
4. Die in hell/Metal torment
5. Evil is at hand
6. Death by command
7. The exorcist
8. Wait and pray